Driffield Methodist Church


Below you will see an explanation of when we use a Standard Licence or a Booking Form. Whichever category your event falls into you will need to complete the appropriate form, and doing so means you understand and will comply with the attached Schedule to each. If you are given access by key/key fob/PIN Code or any other Access Control you will also need to complete the Keyholder Form (Download).

For initial enquiries please complete the online booking Application Form which is an online Contact Form here -  Booking Application Form. Alternatively, call 07503872308. You can check what is available by selecting the facility you want under the Facility Bookings  and looking at the timetables. 

Standard Licence

Many groups using Methodist premises will be using the premises on a regular but part-time basis. This would include for example, voluntary and charity groups. Such use is typically on the basis of a licence, that is, a personal right or consent that merely grants permission to use a space.

Driffield Methodist Church uses a standard form of licence to occupy prepared on our behalf by the Methodist Church (the Standard Licence ). The Standard Licence is designed to ensure that use of church premises by third party regular part-time users is documented in a way that reflects Methodist best practice and the Constitution and Discipline of the Methodist Church (CPD), and creates uniformity in the terms on which third parties use premises and is generally in the best interests of the charity.

It strikes a balance between the wishes of Managing Trustees and user groups, Methodist law, policy and best practice.

Licence & Schedule

The standard Licence and integral Schedule is available for download here - Standard Licence & Schedule.

Booking Form

Irregular use such as one-off events or a few events over a longer time would be better served by a Booking Form, and one is available for download here - Booking Form & Schedule.