Driffield Methodist Church

Project Completion

Connexion asked us to submit a project report for the demolition and rebuild of our church. It was a complex form that would have taken the better part of 10 hours to complete, if executed properly. The design was poor, leading to repetition and a confusing submission. Keen to make a contribution in recognition of the grant we received a report was written. It compared the anticipated outcomes within our grant submissions, and our achievements. Some of you will be well aware of the many frustrations and difficulties the project presented. The report would be pointless if these challenges were not recognised, for they are the context of the project. This is what was submitted. 

After many weeks I have had no response or even an acknowledgement from Connexion. This is a sad indictment. Perhaps they only want to hear good news, and run away from reality? At the very least there should be some engagement with us. 

We can, however, be justly delighted with our achievements. 


Plans to Completion - A Comparison of Outcomes with Achievements 2010-2020

or you can read it on this site by following this link. 

or selecting the "Plans to Completion" tab to the left. 

Audio Visual in our Church

As part of the rebuild we incorporated an outstanding Audio Visual facility to enhance our activities and offer to the community. With it comes its own set of challenges. Here is the Editor's take on the subject, and how it fits into church life in particular. If we are going to have a digital presence, what should it be, and how do we deliver it? 

Download a copy:

Church in a Digital World

or read it here: