Driffield Methodist Church

Audio Visual in our Church


As a responsible Church we follow the obligations and protocols of music licensing. This is a huge topic, but you can be comfortable in the knowledge that we are fully compliant. 

It manifests itself every week with every aspect of musical reproduction we employ. Credits are included on every hymn we present on the screen. 

Should you wish to learn more then please follow the link to

CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International)

(External website)

There are compliance notices posted in the building. If you wish to ask anything relating to our interpretation and work in support of CCLI then please approach a member of your A/V team.


As part of the rebuild we incorporated an outstanding Audio Visual facility to enhance our activities and offer to the community. With it comes its own set of challenges. Here is the Editor's take on the subject, and how it fits into church life in particular. If we are going to have a digital presence, what should it be, and how do we deliver it? 

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Church in a Digital World

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One License and PRS also held. Details available on request.