Driffield Methodist Church

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Next Lunch Club will be 21 August 2024. 

Choice of Soups

Main Course

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Coffees and Teas. 

 If you have special dietary requirements please try to let us know beforehand. Use the

Contact Form. 

We started lunch clubs as the “Good Company Club” after the refurbishment of the Schoolroom in 2018. Moving into our new church building has enabled catering for more people over a longer lunchtime. The supporting team has expanded to allow for kitchen preparation and table service. All helpers are encouraged to take the Food Safety & Hygiene Course, and the facility is proud to display our Food Hygiene Rating System score of 5 awarded by the East Riding Council. Menus change through the seasons, and we arrange transport for those unable to make their own way. Funds taken cover all costs and to date, Lunch Club has paid more than £2,250 towards appliances and kitchen equipment, benefiting all church and other activities.

Whilst closed due to COVID we still managed to deliver Christmas Lunches, pancakes, and other meals to counter loneliness and isolation. This outreach continues even now as we keep connected with those unable to come in to join us. Each month we seem to increase the numbers enjoying the fellowship and great food on offer.

Lunch Clubs are on the third Wednesday each month and are advertised on the church noticeboard in the Café Area and DMW. By joining us you eat, meet friends, and keep warm when energy prices are so high. You are also contributing towards the catering team’s kitchen equipment that improves their culinary skills.

Heartfelt thanks for the selfless support of the catering team over the last four years! 

The Christmas event is always popular, hosting in excess of 70 people and helpers!

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