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The Duke of York’s Community Initiative.  

A Royal Award presented to community projects based in Yorkshire. The schemes need to be owned, developed and led by the people they serve; of real value to the community, well run and an inspiration to others. Individual awards are also given in recognition of exceptional leadership skills.

Driffield Methodist Church is an award holder in both the project and leadership skills categories.


                                    Hazel's Charity Walk

 Hazel says: "80 miles of walking during the month of August is my target. This will follow  the Wilberforce Way in Yorkshire from Hull Minster to York Minster (in a series of day walks) plus a little extra to make up the 80 miles. I am doing this for two reasons: in September I hope to celebrate my 80th     birthday and, as I love walking, it seemed a good way to mark the occasion:   making it a sponsored event is important to me , especially to be supporting Mind UK."

Good luck Hazel! Follow this link to the JustGiving Page for more details and to make a contribution:

Hazel's 80for80


The "Jack & Jill" set up ready for use in the Main Hall of the church building. The group is run by the Methodist Playgroup on Monday mornings during term time, from 0830 through to midday. Contact the Playgroup if you wish to attend 

on 01377 240080

or e-mail: dmpg2015@gmail.com

After an extremely long wait the chairs arrived on 26 April 2021. Thank you to all those that worked so very hard at getting them into the Worship Space. 



We have paid by contribution 85% of the chairs! Download the brochure below if you wish to contribute, and after completing the form leave it in the Circuit Office or give it to the Treasurer. Thank you!

Chair Fund Brochure (Download)

We are so fortunate to have Denise execute these wonderful textile images for us! They show many of the activities we host and the aspirations we have within our new buildings. We look forward to all these groups sharing our future. Pop in and see them yourselves in the Cloister space. 



The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

The relationship between science and religion is fascinating, and fundamental to faith. The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is dedicated to researching and understanding this. There is a wealth of interesting information (follow this link to an external website) and resources to consider. It is good to see the involvement of other Methodist Churches. 


Exploring the Big Questions: scientists and theologians share their views

Every scientist experiences some sense of awe and wonder in their work, whether it’s something mathematical, something very beautiful, something very surprising, something that just logically fits together so wonderfully, there’s always that sense. And for a Christian there is also something that goes further – their sense of awe and wonder can feed into their worship of God, the great creator who made it all.

Dr Dale Gentry, a field biologist, writes an interesting article: follow this link below - 

Seeing the Forest and the Trees

Wesley Brass

An interesting brass image of John Wesley. It is extremely heavy and required taking apart to paint the black background and polish the brass, removing the lacquer that had been applied. Probably made C1850. Just 4" x 5" but it stands out on the wall or on a picture stand on the sideboard.  


  Seal of the Methodist Conference, bought at auction and now donated to:


For more information on this Museum go to:

Methodist Heritage

For Wesley items for sale also bought at the auction please follow this link Organ Music CD and Church Items for Sale, (external website) or the tab to the left. Proceeds to Circuit or DMC. 

Radio Humberside Interview about the Sustainable Elements of our Church- 29 November 2020

Barbara arranged and volunteered Richard for a 0650 hrs chat with Lizzie Rose on Radio Humberside on Sunday 28 November 2020! Here is the interview which focusses upon the eco-friendly aspect of our project, and the benefits of it in the future.  Use the player below to play the file, or download it:

                                                                   BBC Radio Humberside

Online  Shopping

Easyfundraising is our partner for raising funds whilst you shop. With the shift to more online shopping and the tighter restrictions please remember to support us through Easyfundraising. If you have not registered yet click here to go direct to their website and Register to support DMC. Or go to our own page for a full explanation first (see the "Support DMC when you shop") tab to the left. If you nee advice or help get in touch.

Thanks to 26 supporters we have raised nearly £850! 


The Schoolroom has a new floor covering. This makes cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance in these difficult times easier to achieve. Thank you to the Horace Taylor Trust for their generous grant for this project. Also, many thanks to the few volunteers who not only organised this significant improvement, but who contributed through joinery, fitting, clearing, cleaning, and finally polishing! 

Our Redevelopment through the eyes of the Organ Supplier and QS

If you want to hear the organ and to look at the redevelopment then check out this blog on the Viscount Organs website. 

Also look at the website of our Quantity Surveyor who has placed our redevelopment as a case study.

Do you know someone who is not online but who might appreciate hearing a prayer and to catch up on Church news? We offer a free phone service, updated each Thursday.  Find out more and download a print and cut sheet to hand out in your community here


A Poem by Joy Ewbank 

Thank you to David and Joy for this from their last Methodist Church in Nailsea


Avoid all the people you can,

by all the means you can,

in all the ways you can,

in all the places you can,

at all the times you can,

as long as ever you can.

The Four aims of Methodists

Methodism's activities, both alone and with ecumenical and secular partners, are based on four aims known as Our Calling:

· To increase awareness of God's presence and to celebrate God's love
To help people to grow and learn as Christians through mutual support and care
To be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice
To make more followers of Jesus Christ.

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