Driffield Methodist Church

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 Driffield Methodist Church services are:

Sunday Morning Service at 1030 am

Some questions for us all to consider within the context of the rebuilt church. Have you thought about any of them?

Going Forward 

A.  Do we want to attract families and children into our church?

B.  Why do we want to do this? 

C.  What are our motives? 

D.  Do we want to grow the church for ourselves - to perpetuate the church as we know it? To enliven our worship - to see a future? 

E.  Do we want to serve the community? 

F.  What is it that we feel they need or would benefit from? 

G.  What do we mean by ‘The Gospel’? 

H.  What can we offer families when and if they come?

Plans and Rotas

The latest Circuit Plan detailing preachers for the period can be accessed from the following link:

Circuit Plan September-November 2019

 The current Service Rota can be found by following this link:

September to November 2019

This is Methodism

What is Methodism