Driffield Methodist Church


You won’t find Jesus in the land of the dead. He is still with us.

The powers killed him – but they couldn’t stop him. They crucified him and buried him in a rich man’s tomb. But imperial execution and a tomb couldn’t hold him.

He’s still loose in the world. He’s still out there, still here, still recruiting people to share his passion for the Kingdom of God – a transformed world here and now. It’s not over.

Marcus Borg (1942-2015)  "Reflections on Easter"

As the collection of our days

grows tall behind us,

our view of what might have been

looms large in its shadow.

We ponder over days gone by,

worrying our memories,

living's residue set upon our souls.

What has been, has been.

We can only move further away

from the choices we have made.

May the distance we cover

bring understanding.

May we grow wise

through the review

we make of our lives.

And, as our perspective widens,

may we find that our choices have been

part of a larger picture that, as a whole,

brings beauty to this fragile earth.

Gretta Vosper "Time or too Late"