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REaction is a whole day interactive and creative programme for Primary children, exploring a topic or theme from the local statutory RE syllabus. 

  It is a partnership between Label of Love and Sue Holmes (independent RE consultant) with the support and involvement of local churches which are used as venues for the day.

Previous REaction themes have included Going for Gold, Hopes and Visions, Faith in Action, Journeys into Easter, Saints & Heroes, Belonging, Remembering, Pilgrimage, Sacred Earth, Peace & Conflict.

This year was "Hopes & Visions - Olympic Theme". DMC has hosted these programmes for many years, and this one was as successful as ever. 

RE 1

Mini Olympics in the car park

We welcomed Driffield Junior School on 5 July 2024 who shared "Race of Life" through a sketch involving the outstanding acting abilities of Lesley, John, Doreen and Joy. Followed by the interpretation of this metaphor the pupils were divided into four interactive workshops entitled "Ultimate Questions", "Mini-Olympics - Hope", "Drama - Meaning of Life", and "Creativity - Hurdles". 

Work Work from the Workshops

After lunch everyone gathered together to share a video clip of Adam Peaty speaking of his challenges, and how he managed them, followed by some highlights from pupils that they will take away with them after the day's activities. Another video clip followed of Simone Biles' Isometric Bar routine that epitomised transition - pupil's moving from one school to another. Finishing with a song, the day concluded with thanks to all the teachers, Driffield Methodist Church and it's contributors, Deacon Jackie, and facilitators from "Label of Love". 

RE4                 RE3