Driffield Methodist Church

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Jubilee Weekend





Dedication Service 22 May 2022

Here is a sequence of slides showing the rebuild of our church that was shown during the above Service. Scroll down within the image below. 

Toastie Tots on Monday mornings





Driffield Silver Band performed on 19 December 2021. In a wonderful Concert that featured the "Farmer's Daughters" we enjoyed a real mixture of excellent music. A festive treat for those attending!


Driffield Male Voice Choir concert 11 December 2021. Attended by over 100 guests this was a wonderful inaugural event for this Choir that is based within our premises. All proceeds to Guide Dogs for the Blind. 

Our Redevelopment through the eyes of the Organ Supplier and QS

If you want to hear the organ and to look at the redevelopment then check out this blog on the Viscount Organs website. 

Also look at the website of our Quantity Surveyor who has placed our redevelopment as a case study.

The Schoolroom has a new floor covering. This makes cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance in these difficult times easier to achieve. Thank you to the Horace Taylor Trust for their generous grant for this project. Also, many thanks to the few volunteers who not only organised this significant improvement, but who contributed through joinery, fitting, clearing, cleaning, and finally polishing! 


  Seal of the Methodist Conference, bought at auction and now donated to:


For more information on this Museum go to:

Methodist Heritage

For Wesley items for sale also bought at the auction please follow this link Organ Music CD and Church Items for Sale, (external website) or the tab to the left. Proceeds to Circuit or DMC. 



Having paid by contribution the majority of the chairs the fund is now closed.  Many thanks to everyone. 



We are delighted to let you know that your application to the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme has been successful and your project will be awarded £1,000.00.

This award is to be spent against garden items for the benefit of all. 

New Bike Rack

Now you can contribute to our sustainability model by cycling to whatever you are attending in our buildings. When you do, lock your bike to the new bike rack we have provided, and be confident that the security cameras will safeguard your bike!



At the Harvest Festival Service we raised £1,394:00p for "All We Can". Thank you to everyone for your generosity

At the start of the COP26 in Glasgow we shared environmental concerns with our own Eco-Church project, and the wider world. Here is the first part of a talk written by Lesley and delivered at the 1030 hrs Service on 31 October 2021.

Service 31 October 2021 (Download)