Driffield Methodist Church

Recent Events

Flower Festival and Carpet of Flowers September 2010

The Driffield Methodist Church presented a Carpet of Flowers and a Flower Festival duringCarpet of Flowers 2010 September 2010. All proceeds - in excess of £1300 -  went towards the refurbishment fund. The Festival was dedicated to Mr Jonathan Bradshaw. Here are a number of the displays that were appreciated by both Church Members and the community.

 Angela Train                                                              






Angela Train -  “Trace the rainbow through the rain”


Anita Oxtoby

       Angela Baker         


Angela Baker 

 “Praise God for the harvest of farm and field”




 Anita Oxtoby -   “The purple                                                        headed mountain”                                           

 Pat Stabler - "There is a green hill far away"       Gwynneth Clark                                          Pat Stabler                                                               







                                                                    Gwynneth Clark
                                                                "Yes, God is good" 

Lesley Mole 1

 Lesley Mole
"All things bright and beautiful"
 Lesley Mole 2