Driffield Methodist Church


Advert 1862



from the



31 May 1862


To prevent this page being overloaded, and to maintain a proper record, all current milestones are added to the historical file under the "Redevelopment Progress" tab to the left. By selecting the dated file there you will be able to follow progress up to the current moment.  


The February edition of this Methodist "good news" magazine features the work in our church.

Follow this link to see it.


If you would like to look at the Archaeological Report prepared as a Planning Condition, and completed in February 2019, please follow the link below:

Archaeology Report February 2019


The final Tender documents are now issued. Here are the associated Plans that you can select: 

2997 05 Location Plan

2997 06 Topographical Plan

2997 20C Ground Floor Plan

2997 21C First Floor Plan

2997 22B Section Sheet 1

2997 23B Section Sheet 2

2997 24C Elevations

2997 25C Sections Sheet 3

2997 26B Detail Sheet 1

2997 27B Detail Sheet 2

2997 28 Staircase

2997 30C External Works

2997 31C Fire Plan Ground Floor

2997 32C Fire Plan First Floor

2997 33B Window Door Elevations

2997 34B Stone Details

2997 35B Internal Door Details

2997 36C Finishes Ground Floor Plan

2997 37C Finishes First Floor Plan

2997 38A Entrance Detail

2997 55C Drainage Plan