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31 May 1862


Now that redevelopment of the curtilage is underway there will be much detail to publicise. To prevent this page being overloaded, and to maintain a proper record, the current content on the "Redevelopment Progress" page tab to the left will be added to the Historical File also available from that page.

By selecting the dated file there you will be able to follow progress up to the current moment.  

July 2018

An auspicious month! We have closed the funding gap sufficiently to start planning for demolition in late October 2018. Consent from District awaits the outcome of a non-material set of changes to the plans that relate to our own revisions to reduce costs. Once this is achieved MC of GB confirms our Conservation Consent and then District can apply our Consent as we have exceeded 80% of the funds required. We have therefore asked the QS to prepare a timeline leading to demolition which includes an asbestos survey (30 July 2018), application to Northern Powergrid to redirect electricity to the Schoolroom (just before demolition), internal electrics re-ordering, go out to tender for demolition, and submit the archaeology plan to ERYC Planning (done July 2018). Meanwhile, the final design plans (architect and Mechanical & Electrical) have been received. Preparations are also being made for the internal housekeeping this major project will instigate, including a huge sale of anything that moves on 18 August 2018. 


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