Driffield Methodist Church

Garden Pictures

Garden 2

    Second planter in situ

Garden 2

                                              Planter in situ


 Planter under construction.


   Final groundworks underway


Wall cladding completed.

Garden   The garden still has more work but the impact of the cladding can be clearly seen. 


Old gateway  to Dewhirst's car park now bricked up - at last!

Old door

Old gate to Dewhirst's car park now available for restoration!!


The raised deck, which is paved, has the two rescued planters on it, and to the rear you can see the wall cladding. The remaining wall buttresses have been finished and incorporated into the cladding.  


The scaffold is being used to secure the new coping stones to the top of the boundary wall in the garden. 


The matching copings are fitted to the top of two of the raised beds. The area to the left will be a gravel garden with a wide and easily accessible path through the centre. 


The bricked raised beds looking back towards the Westgate Car Park.