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31 May 1862


Now that redevelopment of the curtilage is underway there will be much detail to publicise. To prevent this page being overloaded, and to maintain a proper record, the current content on the "Redevelopment Progress" page tab to the left will be added to the Historical File also available from that page.

By selecting the dated file there you will be able to follow progress up to the current moment.  

Update - January 2018

The design element has been completed. All perceived features were included within the proposed structure so that we would be able to cost every aspect we might like incorporated. Although that came within the original budget as presented by the QS it was clearly more than we were likely to need to obtain a working building, and outside our budget. 

To close this funding gap we have taken features out of the proposal either on a permanent basis or to "client fit" later as funds become available. These adjustments will be sent to the QS shortly who will amend and add some of his own. The design team will then be asked to make adjustments to the documentation to reflect our wishes in the tender documents. There will probably be a non-material change to the Planning Consent we already have. 

Concurrently we will continue to apply for grants and raise our own funds with a view to demolish the existing church in 2018. This will be a separate contract to the main tender as it will allow time for archaeological digs demanded within the Planning Consent, redirection and disconnection of services.  


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