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Now that redevelopment of the curtilage is underway there will be much detail to publicise. To prevent this page being overloaded, and to maintain a proper record, the current content on the "Redevelopment Progress" page tab to the right will be added to the Historical File also available from that page.

By selecting the dated file there you will be able to follow progress up to the current moment.  

Main Building Funding

Design Management Team

We are now on meeting 3 of this Team of selected contractors, the aim of which is to include everything we might desire for the rebuild. We then have the option to review the findings, select what we want in priority order and relate that to the funding available now and expected, to achieve the project cost. It is expected the report will be completed in April 2017. We will then have an accurate cost of the project and our fund raising aims. This procedure consumes a considerable portion of the professional fees identified in the post planning costs review, but we have already made a saving on these of £88.5k. 

Here is a summary of the items considered at the meeting:

Architectural Initial Fee to ERYC has been paid and we will settle with Sangwins later. Sangwins/ERYC meet 16 Mar 17 to cover planning conditions associated with our consent. Each discharge of conditions are charged separately by ERYC so the aim is to assemble as many as possible into one lot. to be covered in more detail at meeting below to ensure this is maximised. Archaeology will be a watching brief after initial investigation near to demolition. 

Materiels meeting with Sangwins 21 Mar 17.

Drainage Survey carried forward.

Asbestos Survey - this is a deep survey with occupation consequences. The contractor has been selected (GLS) and elements of the work may be 0% VAT rated. We will execute near to demolition.


Request to Utilities for existing drawings has not elicited much information which will have to be expanded upon after meetings and probably more site work. 

Northern Power meeting - appointment requested (they did turn up on site but unbidden by us so were unable to effect work). I hope to be there for the next meeting. 

GSHP - Contractor selected (Geowarmth). One bore hole to be used for TRT testing (effectivenness of installation) and this can be used for the installation too saving £5k. Then there is a period of test using installed equipment and recorders. This data then appended to the M&E report to size the units necessary for the installation, and therefore cost it. Total cost: £5.9k drilling (no VAT) and £4.3k + VAT for the assessment. 

Lighting/Electrical - dealt with in detail as to type of installation and location, impact upon A/V, internal and external. Some adjustments to the draft configuration by Martin Design. A/V cupboards defined and will include some GSHP equipment. 

Specification for Biometric access and A/V has been accepted by the sub-contractors who are working upon the plans and consulting as necessary. 


Draft initial steel framework design complete and commented upon. One adjustment to facilitate services run. Further refinements including SI information soon.

Final report on ground conditions expected 22 Mar 17. 


Outline acoustics report to be investigated and may be initiated soon for the main worship space. (Sangwins). 


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